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Taraste Circular Economy Area

Circular economy in the Tampere area

Taraste Circular Economy Area is located in Kangasala and provides a range of services to meet the environmental management needs in the Tampere region. The facilities and field operations in the area cover the receipt, storage and processing of various materials just outside Tampere itself. The area also facilitates activities that require a heavy environmental permit process and environmental impact assessment.

The area houses numerous circular economy companies that also cooperate closely with each other. In fact, the ecosystems formed by the various operators create significant synergy benefits for companies from operational and financial standpoints.

The company Tarasten Kiertotalousalue Oy is responsible for the development and construction in the area and for renting out and selling plots. The company constructs the plots based on the turnkey principle.

The size of the planning area at the location is 155 hectares, of which almost 70 hectares have been reserved for circular economy activities. Suomen Erityisjäte Oy owns 60% of Taraste Circular Economy Area and is one of the key operators in the area.

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