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Special expertise in environmental management

We use our services to take care of the environment so that you can do the same. Let us help your company operate in a more responsible way.

Comprehensive waste management service

Why choose us?


Experience brings certainty. We have been solving challenges related to the circulation of waste streams since 1995.

Save time and money

Planning is everything. Based on our analysis, we provide a suggestion that maximises reclamation and minimises costs. You can focus on your core operations.

Professional expertise

The committed staff that have worked in the field for a long time are the face of our services. We carry out a significant portion of the recycling functions ourselves.

Suomen Materiaalikierrätys

We handle all waste for you

Organising waste management is the responsibility of every company, but only some have the time to ensure that environmental management actually works. The LHJ Group organises cost-efficient and environmentally friendly processing solutions for all materials, regardless of the company’s field or size. So leave the waste to us and focus on the essential aspects.

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Suomen Tietoturva

Safe destruction

How should documents that a company wants to dispose of be handled? Or what about old computers that contain sensitive information? Our data security services can safely destroy everything from paper documents and archives to digital data on electric devices or recordings. Our reliable process ensures that your company’s important information does not end up in the wrong hands.

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Handling of refrigeration equipment

Within the LHJ Group, the company that specialises in the handling of refrigeration equipment is Cool-Finland Oy. The company is the leading recycler of refrigeration devices in Finland. Our advanced technology ensures that we can recover all refrigerants that are both harmful to the climate and cause global warning.

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Suomen Erityisjäte

Circular economy at its finest

We handle bottom ash from waste incineration, contaminated soil and material, and hazardous waste with top-tier Finnish expertise. Metals and minerals from the bottom ash can be recycled back into material circulation. We provide responsible and safe processing and final disposal methods for contaminated soil and hazardous waste.

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