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Data destruction

Data destruction

How should documents that a company wants to dispose of be handled? Or what about old computers that contain sensitive information? Our data security services can safely destroy everything from paper documents and archives to digital data on electric devices or recordings. Our reliable process ensures that your company’s important information does not end up in the wrong hands.

Recycling of data security materials

We make sure that any materials that require data secure processing are handled and destroyed reliably – without forgetting the appropriate material recycling. Our disposal and destruction services cover all scopes from small batches of a few dozen kilos to large batches of industrial materials. Our data security services are available nationwide.

Materials and items covered by our data security service:

  • data security papers (papers without binders and plastic sleeves)
  • data security archives (papers with binders and plastic sleeves)
  • Electronic storage media
  • IT equipment and other WEEE
  • textiles
  • products to be disposed of
  • prototypes
  • other solid or liquid materials

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Seamless chain from customer to processing

The seamless chain from the customer to the processing centre begins from a lockable collection container. Our service covers suitable collection equipment, safe transport and suitable and sufficient destruction methods. The customer receives a certificate of destruction and a report on each batch, which lists the pick-up and destruction time as well as a material breakdown with weights. Our excellent logistical partners ensure that we can flexibly provide collection equipment regardless of customer location. You can agree for the pick-ups to adhere to a regular schedule or be available on request.

Additional services

In addition to destroying materials, we can help our customers recycle movables to be removed from offices. At the same time, we can also handle small quantities of hazardous waste.

Verified data security service

Data security materials are collected from the customer by means of a seamless transport system. Every detail and phase of the transport process is saved in the company’s system for later access. The system utilises an RFID-based equipment management system, which itemises each collection device. Suomen Tietoturva can provide destruction processes for almost all materials and adhere to the various safety classes specified in the international DIN66399-2 standard according to customer requirements.

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