Contact information

LHJ Group

Kiimassuontie 127
30420 Forssa
Exchange +358 (0)440 242 700 (open on weekdays 9 am–3 pm)

The postal address and telephone exchange number are the same for all LHJ Group companies.

Customer service

  • +358 (0)440 242 613 or tilaukset(at)
  • Pick-up orders, service requests, other services
  • Open on weekdays 9 am–3:30 pm

Waste receipt and loading

  • Kiimassuo waste centre, Kiimassuontie 127 Forssa
  • +358 (0)3 424 2620 (weighing office)
  • Open Mon–Fri 7 am–6 pm
  • Mechanical unloading and loading
    • Loimi-Hämeen Jätehuolto Oy on weekdays 7 am–2 pm
    • Suomen Materiaalikierrätys Oy on weekdays 7 am–2 pm
    • Cool-Finland Oy unloading on weekdays 7 am–1 pm and loading 7 am–2 pm
    • Suomen Tietoturva Oy on weekdays 7 am–2 pm
    • Suomen Erityisjäte Oy 7 am–3:30 pm

Invoicing addresses and business IDs

We primarily accept electronic invoices. Our e-invoice operator is CGI, intermediator code 003703575029. Paper invoices can be delivered to the addresses of each individual company. The invoicing address must always be indicated regardless of the invoicing method. Invoices with insufficient information will not be delivered to the recipients. The invoices must always list the name of the ordering party and its reference number.

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