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Waste management for companies

Organising waste management is the responsibility of every company, but only some have the time to ensure that environmental management actually works. The LHJ Group organises cost-efficient and environmentally friendly processing solutions for all materials, regardless of industry or size. So leave the waste to us and focus on your core business.

Waste management services – just the right ones for you

Our work involves collecting, receiving, processing and weighing waste and sending reports to the customer. Our proficient staff and first-rate equipment enable us to provide processing solutions to all companies and for all waste fractions. We can arrange waste management services for all waste materials or provide processing solutions for individual fractions. LHJ Group’s waste management services are provided through the subsidiary Suomen Materiaalikierrätys Oy.

Collection equipment and transport services for all waste

Our recycling services include collection equipment for the various waste fractions. This covers everything from manually movable waste bins to containers, compactors and balers. If necessary, waste compactors can be customised to the customer’s needs and premises.

As part of our range of services, we also rent out collection equipment. Collections are handled according to an agreed schedule or by order.

Learn more about our collection equipment.

Expert services and recycling training

Did you know that appropriate recycling can yield significant savings in a company? Ask our expert to organise sorting and recycling training for your staff.

Reporting as part of waste management

Through our reporting system, customers have access to up-to-date information on the functioning of the waste management services. Continuous monitoring helps reduce waste volumes and costs related to various waste fractions in the context of business activities.

The benefits of the reporting:

  • reduce waste
  • increase recycling
  • reduce costs
  • increase positive value.

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